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Crested Butte Fights For Life

In the latest development in a long fight over Crested Butte Airport in Colorado, a bond for $233,537.32 was posted last week, which means the airport can stay open -- for now. But the conflict is far from over. Airport advocates face court appeals as county officials and a real-estate developer push their plan to build a road across the runway and impose other restrictions on air traffic to and from the field. The road would shorten the runway to a length that airport supporters say is unsafe for many current operations -- please note the field elevation is 8,980 feet. Supporters are contesting the unnatural shrinkage with lawsuits claiming that downsizing the airport's runway would deprive the community of important business leverage and emergency airlift services. To educate yourself on the proponents' side of the equation or offer your assistance, please visit the Friends of Crested Butte Airport Web site

More On Meigs ... This Could Happen To You

In the latest chapter in Chicago Mayor Daley's campaign against Meigs Field, the Sun-Times reported Tuesday that jittery participants in a medical conference scheduled for later this month complained they were afraid to meet so close to the airport. Some of them asked that the field be shut down for the duration of the meeting, Daley said. In a letter to the executive director of the Radiological Society of North America, which will host about 65,000 attendees at its convention at McCormick Place, AOPA prez Phil Boyer said: "You and I both know this is ridiculous! Shame on you for allowing your esteemed organization to be drawn into the fear mongering being advanced by Mayor Daley about the safety of Meigs Field." Why don't you tell them what you really think, Phil? AOPA further warned that if this nonsense is allowed to happen in Chicago, watch out, your friendly neighborhood airport could be next. To send an email to Mayor Daley, go to AOPA's Web site.