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First Crested Butte Fly-in and EAA Young Eagles Flights A Great Success
August 28, 2001, Crested Butte, Colorado — From all over the State of Colorado and beyond, crowds gathered at the Crested Butte Airport last Saturday, August 25th, for the first local EAA Chapter Fly-in and Open House.
Over 50 aircraft and an estimated 300 aviation enthusiasts participated and shared the joy and benefits of flying, including FAA safety seminars featuring mountain flying as well as the EAA Aviation Foundation’s Young Eagles Program.
More than 20 young enthusiasts were able to experience the thrill of flying and see the Crested Butte area from above. All will receive an original Certificate from Gen. Chuck Yeager and be listed in the World’s Largest Logbook at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
"I particularly enjoyed taking two Young Eagles, both bright and appreciative young girls" said Dr. Dean Hall from Ft. Collins, who piloted two consecutive Young Eagles flights in his Van’s Aircraft RV-4 bubble cockpit tandem seater.
The Crested Butte Fly-in and Open House is one of more than 15,000 events that EAA chapters organize each year throughout North America. It also emphasized the economic benefits that aviators bring to remote destinations such as Crested Butte and how mountain airports are vital in providing a safety link to local communities with Flights For Life aircraft.
Some local Young Eagles who flew on Saturday are: Grant Ruehle, Christie Smith, Monika Abramajtis, Chariton Dussault, Chantale Dussault, Croix Dussault, Holly Boaz, Katrina Abramajtis, Jamie Smith, Darlene Abramajtis, Alana Abramajtis, etc.
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