History of the Crested Butte Airport
Crested Butte, Colorado is a small resort town located between Aspen and Gunnison. It offers wonderful skiing in the winter and in the summer, Crested Butte has been named the Wild Flower Capital of the State.
The Historic Town of Crested Butte (a National Historic District) is truly one of the friendliest, most charming towns in the Rockies. It is undoubtedly the last great Colorado ski town.
The Crested Butte Airport was approved as a public use airport and was built in 1975. The field elevation is 8,980 Ft. MSL and the runway length is 4,485 feet.
The majority of the flights operations at the airport are medical evacuations. This is important to remember!
In recent years the airport has been threatened by a proposed high-density housing development of more than 500 units and a proposed road across the existing (and paved) runway as sole access to the housing complex.
The official closure of the airport was submitted in the year 2000.
In early 2001 the Gunnison Board of County Commissioners voted to shorten the runway by approximately 500 feet and arbitrarily restrict the usage of the airport to a maximum of fifteen local pilots.
According to the County Commissioners and the real estate developer the shortening and destruction of the existing paved runway should supposedly "improve flight safety" and "comply with FAA standards".
Because of the high airport elevation of almost 9,000 feet MSL (above Mean Sea Level), and the thin air, ANY shortening of the runway would instead greatly decrease flight safety and create a constant safety hazard.
Several pilots have filed a complaint against County decisions.
The recently incorporated "Friends Of The Crested Butte Airport" is trying to preserve the airport and its public usage, promote flight safety, youth programs and community awareness.
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