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July 25, 2003 - Fly-in & Open House This third annual Crested Butte Fly-in & Open House, to be held on Saturday, August 23, will bring an exciting number of speakers and activities that should inspire all aviation enthusiasts, young and older, and all mountain pilots. I hope you will be able to participate.
July 23, 2002 - FCBA News Release
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Friends Of The Crested Butte Airport announces two important court victories in battle to save local airport A. County's sweetheart agreement with real-estate developer overturned, and B. local Gunnison County Judge reversed by Colorado Court of Appeals in Crested Butte Airport lawsuit.
December 06, 2001 AOPA News Chicago's lakefront airport, Meigs Field, will remain open for another 25 years. Illinois Governor George Ryan and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley inked the deal last night. "This historic political deal should send a message to pilots everywhere (including Crested Butte and Gunnison --ed) about saving airports," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. A strong local coalition, Friends of Meigs, with the support of national organizations like AOPA can succeed in overcoming unbelievable odds in favor of closing an airport.
November 15, 2001 AvWeb News Wire Crested Butte Fights For Life next to Meigs and AOPA President Phil Boyer - . . . the conflict is far from over.  Airport advocates face court appeals as county officials and a real-estate developer push their plan to build a road across the runway and impose other restrictions on air traffic.
November 7, 2001 Aero News Network Daily Brief Airport Under Attack:  The airport is concerned that Gunnison County (which surrounds Crested Butte) and a real estate developer are trying to destroy 500 feet of paved runway and restrict the airport usage to only 15 local pilots. The airport was actually scheduled to be closed yesterday.
November 6, 2001 - CB Airport Open! The Crested Butte Airport stays open after a Supersedeas Bond (cashier's check of $223,537.32) was posted in the District Court of Gunnison County, Colorado Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2001 (plus one additional one dollar bill). The resolve of the County Commissioners along with an unscrupulous real estate developer to shorten and destroy the runway as well as to impose further restrictions is being appealed in several lawsuits. If the alliance between the developer and the County prevails, the partial destruction of the runway and the other airport restrictions would de-facto be depriving the community of a key business link and of an essential lifeline for emergency airlift evacuations.
October 26, 2001 - Deadline Crested Butte Airport Threatened To Close On November 6th, 2001 - Judge Orders $223,000 bond to stay his ruling and keep the airport open!
October 25, 2001 FCBA News Release #3 Crested Butte To Hold Emergency Medical Airlift Training Exercise. Air ambulance aircraft will not be able to serve community if airport runway is shortened to give room for Buckhorn high density housing complex!  Click here for MedEvac photos
October 1, 2001 Crested Butte Young Eagles Now Online Young Aviation Enthusiasts who flew in the EAA Young Eagles program at the Crested Butte Airport on August 25, 2001, are now listed in world's largest logbook at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, WI.
Check your name in the EAA Young Eagles web site and be sure to contact The Friends Of Crested Butte Airport at if your name has been omitted (e.g. because the application form was not received).
August 28, 2001 EAA Ch.881 News First Crested Butte Fly-In and EAA Young Eagle Flights a Great Success
August 28, 2001 FCBA News Release #2 Friends-Of-The-Crested-Butte-Airport Association Sets Record For Number of Aircraft Parked at Avion
August 20, 2001  EAA Ch.881 News Local Aviation Enthusiasts Invited to First EAA Chapter Fly-In and EAA Young Eagles Flights
August 20, 2001 FCBA News Release #1 Friends-Of-The-Crested-Butte-Airport Association to Hold Open House, Youth Educational Programs and FAA Safety Seminars at Crested Butte Airport on Saturday, August 25, 2001
July 30, 2001 FCBA Media Alert Friends-Of-The-Crested-Butte-Airport Present FORUM at EAA AirVenture, Resist Airport Closure and Shortening Of Runway
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