Help Keep Our Airport Open
December 2001
Dear Friend of the Crested Butte Airport,
The Crested Butte airport, elevation 8,980 ft. MSL, is under continued threat from a real estate developer and Gunnison County officials. The end result, a road across the existing runway to access a high-density housing development of more than 500 units and severe limitations on who can use the airport, would effectively close this valuable General Aviation facility and curtail pilot access to the beauty of the Crested Butte area.
Our goals are to restore full public use status, avoid any shortening or destruction of the existing paved runway and resist any other restrictions that could prevent pilots or types of aircraft from using the airport.
In August we held a very successful fly-in at the airport, with mountain flying safety seminars (FAA Wings Program) and Young Eagles flights; in late October, thanks to St. Anthony’s Hospital and Mayo Aviation in Denver, and to the Crested Butte EMS (CBFPD), we hosted a medical airlift exercise with a Super King Air ambulance.
Several lawsuits are pending, including an appeal to the Colorado Courts of Appeals. We were able to post a costly bond by the deadline of November 6th. These procedures should keep the airport open until a decision by the Court of Appeals.
We are confident that we will prevail in all current lawsuits. The fact is that we are not asking for anything, except that the County and a real estate developer abide with what they have covenanted by notarized and recorded documents and/or by County Resolutions: used as a working airplane landing strip or runway; deemed to be for the use and benefit of Gunnison County, shall be used solely as an airplane landing and take-off area…, shall [also] be available for use for emergency airlift operations…; to be used as an airplane landing strip or runway, including take-offs, landing, taxiing, and other ordinary uses of an airport runway; shall not be closed, changed in use or character, or blocked; etc. (Source: Easement and Covenant Brush Creek Airport/Avion Club Landing Strip, signed 30 October 1996, Gunnison County record # 471838 11/06/96; Gunnison BOCC Resolution 95-73; Special Restrictive Covenants Respecting Airplane Landing Strip, signed 11 December 1995, Gunnison County record # 464725 12/20/95)
Still, attorney and other bills are continuing to mount and we need your support. We need to raise an additional $11,000 as soon as possible to cover past due statements. The tax status of the FRIENDS OF THE CRESTED BUTTE AIRPORT, Inc. (a non-profit organization) is awaiting the approval of the IRS tax code 501 (c) 3. Please do not hesitate to call us for any additional information.
Again, thank you for your commitment to General Aviation and to the Crested Butte Airport, an important lifeline in case of emergency and a valuable asset to the recreational and business aviation communities. Below is a contribution form in hopes that you can support our efforts.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Safe Flying,
R. Jerry Falkner
President (970-349-0846)
Carlo Cesa
Vice President (800-663-5374)
(this letter available as Word Document)
Any and all donations will be gladly accepted and used to defray the ongoing costs of fighting to keep our airport open.
Please make checks payable to:
P.O. Box 1230
Crested Butte, CO 81224
(Tax deductible status pending approval of IRS tax code 501(c)3)
(printable donation form available in Word format)
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